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Don’t be surpised if you are about to receive the same cover letter, differentiated only by the candidate name and your company name (or even your competitors’ in error!) over and over in the coming weeks.  Just like the news/magazine ads you have copy and pasted from a previous one, they are doing the same. So, if you are looking to recruit online, it has come to a finally time to develop a good online ad.

If you want to attract candidates that are keen to work for you (or your client), it is time to rethink your approach. Your ads must shake things up; they must inspire, they must pre-select and they must find you the right people not just a group of desperates.
You are entering the war for talent as soon as your job ad appears on the web and not just at the negotiation stages. So why should the best candidates click on your ad instead of your competitors’ ? Because we are going through a financial crisis and they are desperate? Come on you’re not that slow.  You need the best. So how do we improve the click rates and pull in really good candidate applications?

You have to impress upon people’s minds immediately, don’t wait for the interview process to begin.  So here are a few tips:

A compelling title is the least you can do
Remember you are trying to interest a customer. He/she wants to live a great experience, giving him/her the money they deserve and to make a difference to their career by working in a challenging job or for a well known company.  So you need some good lines to catch their attention. May be something like:
- You like oysters? Good thing we’re seeking rare pearls!
- Tired of kissing frogs? Come to the prince’s kingdom!
- Earning less than €35K with 5 years experience? Correct this injustice!

Ok, so you get the general idea.

Create interest in just 3 lines
This is basic direct marketing. You must capture the attention of your target in a few seconds. It is even less time than he/she has at their disposal to convince you to read their application. This is especially true if the candidate uses an RSS feed where only the first lines appear. It may be useful to begin with three lines of description that titillates curiosity.

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